Pride. Credit VP Photography
I have been a part of Crawley lgbtqu since 2021, it has been such an honour to be a part of the team who brings the Pride festival to Crawley. Growing up in Crawley while I was figuring out my sexuality was quite tough, it was the time when section…
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Being involved in organising Crawley Pride and experiencing the weekend as someone who has grown up in Crawley was an amazing experience. Feeling comfortable enough to lead the ‘Sanctuary’ for other Trans people to hang out in, somewhere to relax and chill out, was a big personal accomplishment. To feel…
Creepy Crawley Rough and ramp in places Surfing shops on the shopping wave People jogging, people running Swimming pools and gyms to make the world go round Enough barbers to go to the moon and back Enough coffee shops to fill your coffee needs for life With nice and fine…
Montefiore Institute drawing
My family’s memories start with my mum taking me to be weighed at the Baby Clinic held at the Monte, I have a 1947 newspaper cutting of a party at the hall with all the mums, toddlers and babies. The announcement of Crawley being selected for a New Town was…
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Having freshly arrived at the end of 1990 from the EU on work permit visas my wife and I were promptly furnished by the Home Office with Registration Certificates, and asked to report our domicile in Crawley to the local Police. We were labelled “Aliens” which makes our kids laugh…
Hi all, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Jan Whiley and I was born and raised in Crawley. My Maiden name was Shouler, a name that might be familiar to some of our older generations. My father was Derek Shouler who ran Modern Car Services, the…

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