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I have been a part of Crawley lgbtqu since 2021, it has been such an honour to be a part of the team who brings the Pride festival to Crawley. Growing up in Crawley while I was figuring out my sexuality was quite tough, it was the time when section 28 was in place, so my Schools couldn’t protect me from homophobic bullying as it was against the law to dicuss being gay in Schools etc. There wasn’t any support for young LGBTQU+ people in Crawley, therfore, I attended Brighton Pride every year since I was 18, as this was where I could happily be myself. Having a Pride event in Crawley is so important for the young LGBTQU+ people, as the event gives them a safe space to be themselves where they are not judged for expressing their identity. Feeling safe and welcome where you live is so important for mental wellbeing. Crawley Pride is pivitol in positively supporting young LGBTQU+ people, so it is vital that it continues. I hope it grows year on year with the support of Crawley Borough Council and local businesses, as it cannot go ahead without this.


Executive Projects Manager

Crawley LGBTQU+



Three people with rainbow lanyards and wristbands are dancing and waving their hands. There are other people and gazebos behind them.
Photo Credit: VP Photography

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