Crawley’s Collections Revealed

1 Nov 2019 - 31 Jul 2021

Crawley’s Collections Revealed  was a 18 month project funded by Arts Council England. We worked with volunteers and community members to look at and talk about our collections. We want our collection to reflect the diversity of the history of Crawley, and this project and exhibition was about people working together to achieve that.

As part of the project, a group of volunteers worked together to go through the museum’s object collection to make sure that everything was relevant to Crawley. Some items were removed from the collection and dispersed elsewhere. Some objects went to the museums education collection, some to other museums or other organisations and some had to be destroyed for safety reasons.

We also worked with members of the local community to label objects from our collections, and to decide what should be added to our collection.

At the end of the project, volunteers worked with museum staff to co-curate an exhibition.

There was also an online version of the exhibition .

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