Belonging in Crawley – Poem

Creepy Crawley

Rough and ramp in places

Surfing shops on the shopping wave

People jogging, people running

Swimming pools and gyms to make the world go round

Enough barbers to go to the moon and back

Enough coffee shops to fill your coffee needs for life

With nice and fine people living there

To the old town to the new town, told stories of the old high street

Eating my sweets feels like a treat

Walking around Crawley carrying on eating my sweets

Feels sweet and salt like popcorn in Cineworld

Moving around watching films, going bowling

Enjoying walking around in the parks

This is what Crawley means to me.


(By Warren Tame

Lived in Crawley all my life)

Man holding a handwritten poem is standing behind a large cardboard model. The model has buildings, a bandstand and a pond. On the top are large letters that spell out the word 'Crawley'

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