West Green Primary School

There has been a primary school in West Green since 1824. When the New Town was built, so was a new primary school. A temporary building was built in 1950, and the permanent buildings followed soon after. Here are some photographs from our archives of the New Town school. For memories of the old school in the 1940s see https://crawleymuseums.org/memories-west-green-school/

West Green Primary School - brick built 1950s school building, with three cars parked outside.
October 1951
West green Primary School - brick built 1950s school building with large windows
October 1951
Group of young children weeding a flower bed outside a school classroom.
West Green Primary school with children gardening, c1953. From Crawley Museum’s Collection.
Group photograph of 5 men and 6 women. Five of them are on chairs, 6 are standing behind. The men are wearing suits and the women are in summer dresses.
Group photo of teachers, 1959 or 1960

In the photograph of the teachers, we know that the man at the back on the left is Derek Slack, and the woman second from the right at the back is Sheila Parr. Molly Richards is front left. The man in the middle of the front row is the headmaster Mr Dennis. If you know who anyone else is, or would like to share your memories of the school please get in touch!

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John Hutton

4 years ago

Hi, my name is John Hutton and I was one of the first children to attend this school. As I was a good reader I was chosen to sit on the stage with a book with other children who were representing other activities that they were good at. This was for the opening event which was attended by Cyril Fletcher, a famous celeb of the day. We did have a song that us naughty boys would sing based on ( The animals went in two by two hoorah) etc and when we got to four by four we would sing ( and fat mister Dennis got stuck in the door). Very naughty but we all laughed. Would love to get a copy of any photos of the opening event as I have never seen any. We lived in a rented house at 121 High Street but many years ago went back to find that an office block had taken its place. We lived opposite the fire station and it was just above there that all the local kids were allowed to play in a designated area where we given timber, saws, hammers, nails,and other unsuitable tools to build what ever dangerous structures we could – even digging down to form dens, never be allowed today. My dad worked in the Westminster Bank in the High Street and told us that he had regularly served the infamous acid bath murderer Haig.


3 years ago

i think the lady second left at the back was called Gowings or similar. She was there with Mrs Parr when i was there 1971-75. Headmaster at the time was Mr Eynon,caretaker was Mr McGowan,Mr Hall was also a teacher (i knocked him out playing rounders !!)

Randall flint

2 years ago

Miss parr was the best teacher I ever had.
She used to sit me at the front so that I couldn’t mess about at the back of the class.
The results were I was always top or nearly top of the class.

Sylvia Hill

2 years ago

Yes second from the left is Mrs Gowings. Other teachers during the 60s when I was there included Mrs Bowly, Miss Evans and Mr Jo Ovenden the music teacher who used to compose songs and carols for us to sing. Believe he left to become a priest.

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