Rubbish – a poem


Rubbish under bushes, rubbish everywhere
Should I ring the council, do you think they’ll care?
Kentucky and McDonalds the take away meal treat
Don’t they know their wrappers are littering our streets?
‘Keep Britain Tidy’ was the slogan of the day
The old road sweeper with his brush to sweep the mess away
This sight is a hazy vision of how things used to be
The clean and well kept neighbourhoods once bright and friendly
Come on Crawley look around you must plainly see
That litter on our streets are not how things are meant to be
Just take a minute before you act discarding that old fag pack
Always do what you were shown, pick up your rubbish and take it home

By Maureen

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Sepia photograph of horse and cart, with two workmen wearing caps and long aprons.
Horse and workmen from Crawley and Ifield Parochial Company. Date unknown. From Crawley Museum’s collection.

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