“My message to you”

Thumbs Up World are a wonderful organisation. They designed our children’s guide books, and also sit on our community panel.

They’ve asked us to share the following message:

““My message to you”..creating a community message of hope. Please do share this we can get as many messages as possible ?.

We are creating a combined “our message to all”.

Adults, children and teenagers are writing their reassuring message / letter to someone important to them (sibling, friend, child, parent, grandparent etc) about what’s happening now and why & how it will be ok & anything else they want to say to them. And we are going to put them all together (anonymous) and create a combined message to use in various ways which can help others. And the message you or your child / teenager write is also something you / your child can keep to share as they want. It would be amazing to have a range of messages to others and for us to create a community message of hope during these times.

We have seen such lovely messages so far and we want to keep them coming.

Please email me at thumbsupworld2016@gmail.com with your / your children’s letter or message or if you have any questions.

Nobody’s details or information will be shared unless you ask for it to be and please don’t put any very personal information in the letter or message. Thank you so much ?”


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