Mr Murtaza Khan – My Time at Gatwick Cars

Q. What year did you arrive in England?
I arrived on the 23rd January 1967 from Azad Kashmir

Q. What year did you start at Gatwick Cars?
I started in 1984 and then left in 1991 – due to the Gulf War. I relocated.

Q. What did you enjoy about working at the airport?
I enjoyed the company. I worked with a lot of my relatives and friends. We later started volleyball through Gatwick. I really enjoyed it. We were friends and shared some good memories. We used to go out for meals. Get together and socialise. They were good times.

Q. What ethnic groups worked there?
There were a few Arabs and Indians but mostly a large English and Pakistani community.

Q. What was it like working there? What were your experiences?
I never experienced racism there. Everyone dressed well in formal wear. We kept our cars clean and tidy. We had rules and etiquettes to follow.

Q. Do you have a Gatwick Cars badge?
No, at that time I had a Crawley Council badge

Q. What moments do you still remember?
I met a lot of famous people, I can’t remember all their names. One of them was Jimmy White. He was a famous snooker player.

Q. Where was the furthest you drove to with a job?
Newcastle, Cardiff, Newport. Most of the jobs at Gatwick were far away.

Q. Do you miss working at the airport?
I missed the people and the good times we had. My volleyball team was the best.

Q. Do you have any funny stories to tell?
There are so many memories. One time I picked up a young woman who was travelling from Africa. This was in the 1980s. I drove to Chelsea and an undercover police car stopped us. The woman had 1 kilo of heroin in her wig. She paid her fare and then she was arrested. They also took my car but shortly after I was able to leave. Boy, was I shocked!

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