Diverse Crawley and Crawley Campaign Against Racism

30 Sep 2021 - 27 Nov 2021
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10.30am to 4pm
Admission free

This October and November we are proud to be hosting the annual exhibition by Diverse Crawley and Crawley Campaign Against Racism.

In October the Diverse Crawley part of the exhibition will focus on Black History Month:
* From Slavery to Royalty
* Windrush Scandal Update
* Black Lives Matter Update
* Chagossian Islands History

The Crawley Campaign Against Racism part of the exhibition will be on “The Changing Face of Crawley”

Changes happen , especially around a Pandemic .
Some we can deal with, adapting or resisting, some we welcome .

Writing, Art work and Photography explores:

* Diverse memories in Crawley
* Diorama
* Crawley’s Natural World
* Crawley Faiths’ Religious Icons
* Public Art – Hidden in Plain Sight

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