When I finally found the courage to come out I quickly realised that there was no way to tell everyone in my life at the same time. In fact in took around 7 months before I could say that everybody knew and I could be myself 100% of the time. I started with my ‘safe people’, the people I believed would be ok and understanding. Finally, I was left with only 1 person to tell. This was someone I’ve known for over 10 and I thought would be the most difficult and would be the least likely person to approve. It turned out that our friendship was strong and although he told me that he didn’t understand or ‘get it’. He was fully supportive of me as I was “still his friend". Coming out is extremely daunting and it can take and while to get through everyone that you want to tell but it needs to happen if you are to ever be your true self. Alice

Trans Tale by Alice.