When I was in primary school and me and my friends would role play I'd always role play as the boy. At the time I would always say repeatedly "I want to be a boy". As I was young, no one thought much of it as I was just a kid and kids can say things like that. I also didn't know anything about LGBTQIA+ so did not know about being transgender. When I moved into secondary school, in year 7 I went up to my mum one evening after building up the courage and said that I thought I was transgender not knowing fully what it was still, other than the basics. Me and my mum talked through it and said we could try out the pronouns he/they to see how it feels. I felt so happy and comforted knowing my mum was supporting. We then told my dad and he also supported me. Throughout the years at secondary I progressed into being on hormone blockers and wearing Binders and being fully out as a proud trans BOY - FTM. Coming out at school wasn't the easiest of processes as I was the first transgender person to come out so it was all new to everyone. It was also during lock down due to covid which didn't make it any easier. However, I did come out and it was done very well and I felt comfortable with it. I had told my friends before I came out publicly and even though they didn't fully understand what transgender was, they were very supporting. When they had a question they'd ask me in a very polite way. I started my own LGBTQIA+ club at my school for people to come along to. It was a safe environment where we could talk or relax and just play some games. We now have 4 leaders (all students) of the club and many people all from different year groups who participate. Me and the other 3 leaders delivered an assembly to our whole school on LGBTQIA+ to spread awareness and after, found out that it had helped a pupil come out as transgender! Another thing my club has done is been asked to write an article about our pride club and lgbtqia+. It got posted online and you could also buy a physical copy of it.

Trans Tale by anonymous.