Book review- Death of a Diva by Derek Farrell

Book cover for Death of a Diva by Derek Farrell, blue with a man and woman in evening dress on. We have been stocking the Death of a… series by Derek Farrell in the museum shop for over a year now, but it was only recently that I got round to reading one. Having looked at the cover, I expected the story to be set in the 1920s as the design felt very Art Deco, so you can imagine my surprise when the story was set in London during the 2000’s.
The book starts introducing our unlikely sleuth in the form of Danny Bird, a 30-something-year-old-man who has just come out of a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, losing his home and job in the process and is now looking to get his life back on track. He chooses to attempt to turn The Marquess of Queensbury pub into the latest happening spot for night life. For the opening attraction he’s booked diva Lyra Day to start her revival back into the public eye. Unfortunately, before Lyra can make it to the stage, she is found strangled in her dressing room. Danny is immediately identified as the prime suspect and the book follows him trying to clear his name by solving the murder.

Along the way he is supported by his plucky side kick, Lady Caroline De Montford or Caz for short while Ali and her small team maintain running the pub. Danny finds himself at the scenes of subsequent murders and of constant interest to the police, especially DC Nick Fisher who he starts dating. This new relationship is thrown into question when Danny’s ex Robert starts appearing at the bar. The book ends with a classic whodunit around the table with Danny announcing the culprit.

The book is well written and easy to read but I felt the text was full of clichés. I had a feeling who was responsible for the murders towards the end but found this only compelled me to keep reading as I was keen to see if I was right. Overall, I enjoyed the read and would recommend the book.

You can buy Death of a Diva from Crawley Museum shop along with other books in the series.

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