Langley Green

Here are a few photos of Langley Green. Please let us know if you have any memories of Langley Green that you’d like to share? We’d also love to have a wider selection of photos in our collections – if you have any to donate please Contact Us

brick and concrete building with cross on top

RC Church of Our Lady

Three young men playing bar billiards. Two are wearing leather jackets.

Langley Green Youth Club

large brick building with writing on side which reads 'Langley Green Community Centre'.

Langley Green Community Centre

concrete building with large windows. children walking outside.

County Primary School, Martyrs Avenue, March 1958

Houses under construction

Parade of shops with flats over them. People on pavements.

Parade of shops. Signs over shops include Crawly Cleaners, launderette, C J Martin and Acres the Bakers. People in front of shops.

Neighbourhood Centre

Houses under construction

Langley Green, September 1954

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4 years ago

Does anyone know what the Crown Plaza Hotel was in 1985?

Crawley Museum

4 years ago

Hi Len. Apparently it was called Crest Hotel in the 1980s.

Clive Thompson

4 years ago

And before that, in the 1970s it was known as the Airport Hotel.


3 years ago

Thank you both for your replies

Alan kelly

2 years ago

My wife (born in 56) and I (born 55) were just chatting about the shops on Ifield and Langley green parades.
Crawley gets bad press but it was better designed back then than modern developments are today. Our mums got everything they wanted from the local shops. Got a bit of exercise into the bargain as there were very few cars and of course the industrial estate where pretty much the whole of Crawley worked. Great companies like the APV co ltd and Edwards high vacuum and many more great names. Yes Crawley was a great place to grow up

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