Hearing people use my chosen name and pronouns is so important. I remember the first time I received a letter addressed to me in my name. I was so excited and it made me cry. Even now, so long after it is still very affirming and special. I love that I got to choose my own name and that it means so much to me. I had spoken to HR and my manager and told them that I wanted to make an announcement. I did it at the start of a planning meeting before very quickly muting myself/hiding my camera because I was so nervous. For the rest of the meeting I kept getting supportive messages from my co-workers on the audio team saying how happy they were for me that I was coming out, and how I didn't need to worry and that it was really brave of me to do. It was really nice and that's when it was cemented for me that my workplace was a safe place, because all the people in my immediate team had my back. Emrys

Trans tale by Emrys.