A Crawley Parody – a poem

A Crawley Parody

Free time free land free love
Everything was free

It was the season for bicycles
And we wanted to race
On a track with lots of features
Tough, very little grace

Someone thought to ask Don
Because he had the tools
Implements borrowed from
The councils unused pools

Donald a real skivvy
Ready within two days
Hump jump corners skiddy
We had nothing but praise

Poems are happy at core
But then comes a sad bit
Police at Donald’s door
Cops with a big transit

Took two hundred or more
Tackle of the menders
They said it’s quite a haul
We said they were lenders

Our track Complete success
Played on every day
With free public access
A winner all the way

How to build a new town
Vision plans and Labour
Borrowed tools, surplus pound
Careful of the vapour

By Tim Holt

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West Green Adventure playground, with child coming down a ramp on a go cart.
West Green Adventure playground, date unknown. From Crawley Museum’s Collection.

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