Notorious Killers: John Haigh – DVD


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Fred Dinenage investigates the infamous murderer John George Haigh, who killed at lea six people during the 1940s and disposed of their bodies in sulphuric acid. Using his method of disposal he literally obliterated an entire family, an act which he committed in brutal cold-blooded fashion. Haigh was the serial killer from middle England who killed the middle class, he had no compunction and no conscience whatsoever about murdering innocent people. The newspaper headlines were sensational, from ‘Vampire Horror’ to ‘A Modern Day Dracula,’ but the one that was to stick was ‘The Acid Bath Murderer’.

As Fred tells the story of this calculating fraudster he undertakes an experiment with Professor David Wilson where they test the effects of sulphuric acid on a chicken bone. In addition, Fred meets a former copyboy for the local paper who recalls the media hype of the time and what the ‘vampire killer’ was like in the flesh.

Many view of the inside and outside of the Leopold Road, Crawley workroom

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DVD. 45 minutes