Noli Semper Cedere (Crawley Town Football Club 1896-2021) – Paperback


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This is an account of battles being fought on many fronts, Crawley Town versus their opponents and Covid, common sense pragmatists against the conspiracy theorists. It features a cast of millions, some of which are tragically no longer with us, and stories of hope and despair including the fight of one man to come to terms with his condition and to listen to and accept advice.

Crawley Town will always be a special club and forever in my heart, We, the board, management, players and supporters have fought, battled, cried and laughed, alongside each other and have just celebrated our 125th year in existence. Steve portrays this as he always does, with humour, emotion and spirit
Erdem Konyar, CEO, Crawley Town Football Club.

“A fantastic recollection of last season and the COVID-19 pandemic that brought the club unknown challenges that it had never battled before – Steve’s story is one that many will relate to.”
John Yems, Crawley Town Manager

588 pages 44 illustrations

Royalties donated to Parkinson’s UK and Crawley Town Community Foundation