Down Memory Lane – Paperback


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By Tim J. Laker

Reading and editing the original script my father had written for this booklet, it was hard to resist the temptation to continue the story of our village into my own childhood. The feeling that everything had really changed in my thirty years was very real, how wrong I was! Surely, I knew the footpaths, the lanes, the mill race and the pond, but only as playthings of children. To dad and his generation these were places of work and the paths were walked daily through necessity, not pleasure.

As the years pass by more and more first-hand memories of yesteryear are lost forever. With these losses in mind, dad started to collect together all the photos he could of the village’s past. After three years and many trips down ‘memory lane’ his collection passed the 300 mark and has already give pleasure to the many who have seen it. His dedication to the collecting has been well matched by the generosity of those who have loaned or given. Without this help, little would have been achieved and I would like to sincerely thank all who helped not only with the amassing, but also the many friends who worked in the background to produce numerous copies from the loaned prints.

A personal history of  the villages of Three Bridges and Worth.

15 pages. 15 drawings and maps