Bewbush Playbus – Hardback


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By Sue Wickstead

Bewbush Playbus

The photographic history of the Bewbush Playbus is a record of a mobile play project which operated across the town.

Initially the bus was commissioned to serve the newest estates of ‘Wakehams Green’ and ‘Bewbush’.

The Playbus was seen across the town and featured in the local carnival as well as other funding events

It offered many play opportunities to all children with after school clubs; summer play-schemes; parent and toddler groups; children’s parties as well as the very popular pre-school playgroup in Bewbush.

The book is a photographic record of events, and changes, in the life of the charity and its many users. The photographs were part of an exhibition which was used to highlight the value of mobile play projects and the vast range of services they could support.

The project was set up by the Girl guides Association, in conjunction with British Caledonian Airways and The British Airports Authority. The initial funding for the bus came from the ‘1977 Queen’s Silver Jubilee Community Awards’. The project received a plaque from for Services to the Community from Her Majesty the Queens Silver Jubilee Community Awards.

The history book has led to fictional children’s story books about the Playbus.

So finally here it is, with love to all those ever involved or who knew of our work!

191 pages. 201 photographs, drawings, and maps