Bewbush Playbus – Hardback


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By Sue Wickstead

The Bewbush Playbus, was a Community Project started in 1980 by the Girl Guides Association using money raised for Her Majesty The Queens Silver Jubilee Celebra­tions.

The project operated for many years in the district neighbourhood of Bewbush Craw­ley, West Sussex. It was a much loved and well used mobile community vehicle.

Over the years the Association provided much-needed play support to its many young users as well as encouraging parental involvement. As such the Playbus brought a lot of pleasure and support to the community.

Sadly in 2003, due to lack of core funding and a vehicle that was difficult to maintain mechanically, the project closed its doors. The photographs and memories contained in this book were used on public display to publicise and promote the work of the proj­ect with the aim of generating much-needed support and funding.

It was a further intention to get the book published to celebrate the Queens” ‘Dia­mond Jubilee’.

So finally here it is, with love to all those ever involved or who knew of our work!

191 pages. 201 photographs, drawings, and maps