Barty Barton – The Bear that was loved too much Paperback


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By Sue Wickstead

The story will open the eyes of young readers to the possibility that stuffed animals have feelings too, and they love to be loved. And, what’s more, these treasured teddy bears, like Barty Barton, are great at keeping secrets. You can tell them anything and even cry your eyes out into their worn-out fur and they’ll never tell a soul. This is a warm-hearted story told with compassion that will make readers young and old smile.

We all remember those special stuffed animals we cherished as a child, especially the most loved of all: the teddy bear. I know mine was loved and hugged and dragged everywhere. My grandmother had to do multiple repairs over the years, as I grew up and hugged him all the more. Barty Barton is a much-loved teddy bear. So much so, he’s been flattened and his nose is crooked. Thomas just loved Barty Barton too much; he dragged him everywhere. That is until Thomas grew up and moved away, leaving Barty Barton behind. When Thomas returns home to announce he’s going to be a father, his mother asks if he wants Barty Barton. Thomas turns down the offer which really hurts the teddy bear, but Mum didn’t let up. She rescued all of Thomas’s stuffed animals and gave them a good cleaning and mending, so they were almost like new. Good enough for the new baby to enjoy when visiting.

39 pages