What Does Music Mean to You?

When we held our exhibition on The Cure in 2018 we asked visitors to share with us what music meant to them by writing on index cards. Here are some of their answers:

” I like music because you can express yourself. Music has inspired me to be more confident and creative.”

“Music makes me calm when I’m writing or upset.”

“I like music because it inspires me and my friends to sing.”

“Music is a passion.”

“Music, dance, drama, the arts are the stuff of life. Without them we are dead, dry, empty. Keep it live, keep on playing, strumming, singing and moving.” 

“I would be nowhere without music. It allows me to release emotions.”

“Music is the heart beating. Its life, its emotions, its love, its desire, its depths and warmth, it’s the flow of life itself. Melody, Rhythm. Dance the world away and be happy.” 

“Music inspires me and helps me to express my feelings and is a huge part in my life. It can completely change my mood and take my mind on journeys.” 

What does music mean to you? Let us know in the comments!



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