Town – a poem


All these big palaces and castles
The centrefold of tourism
But what about that little town
Now built up, the history forgotten

How much i know of the Tudors,
Victorians and the woes of war
On such a large scale. But oh,
How little i know of this local town
The way it grew and how.

The men who left this nearby town
To die. Not just for the crown but
Also those people in their little town
I didn’t know so much of the iron
Industry, or how it was so close
To what i call home, here in this town

But how glad i am i took the time
To find out more of this local
Land. the men, the woman
And that huge famous tree!

By Melanie Bransome

Photo of entrance to Broadwalk from High Street

What is now the entrance to the Broadwalk from the High Street. From Crawley Museum’s collection.

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