Montefiore Institute drawing
My family’s memories start with my mum taking me to be weighed at the Baby Clinic held at the Monte, I have a 1947 newspaper cutting of a party at the hall with all the mums, toddlers and babies. The announcement of Crawley being selected for a New Town was…
My memories of growing up on a private estate, Crabbet Park, in the village of Worth. As children, my brother, sister and I, had the most wonderful life. Freedom to play, in woodland, streams, forest and fields of the lands owned by Lady Wentworth. Our lives at Crabbet Park were…
My brother, sister and I were the third generation of my family to live at Crabbet Park.We lived in a Sussex style cottage at Caxtons on the estate, where my father was Stallion Man for Lady Wentworth. Caxtons Cottages Our lives were ordered by the changing seasons and the care…

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