Creepy Crawley Rough and ramp in places Surfing shops on the shopping wave People jogging, people running Swimming pools and gyms to make the world go round Enough barbers to go to the moon and back Enough coffee shops to fill your coffee needs for life With nice and fine…
What’s in a name of a street near to you in this town? In Southgate seventeen occupations are renowned There’s a baker, but no butcher or candlestick maker The closest being a chandler, and not a muck raker Loriners produced all sorts of items to fit on horses Saddlers provided…
Rubbish Rubbish under bushes, rubbish everywhereShould I ring the council, do you think they’ll care?Kentucky and McDonalds the take away meal treatDon’t they know their wrappers are littering our streets?‘Keep Britain Tidy’ was the slogan of the dayThe old road sweeper with his brush to sweep the mess awayThis sight…
Jon G - West Green adventure playground (2)
A Crawley Parody PreludeFree time free land free loveEverything was free It was the season for bicyclesAnd we wanted to raceOn a track with lots of featuresTough, very little grace Someone thought to ask DonBecause he had the toolsImplements borrowed fromThe councils unused pools Donald a real skivvyReady within two…
CSCMS PA4 16 What is now the entrance to the Broadwalk from the High Street
Town All these big palaces and castles The centrefold of tourism But what about that little town Now built up, the history forgotten How much i know of the Tudors, Victorians and the woes of war On such a large scale. But oh, How little i know of this local…
Queen planting tree, Queen's Square, 1958
WHERE’S THE QUEEN? When I was young I saw the Queen,Opening a building new and clean.I thought she’d be in royal gown,With jewels and sceptre, wearing crown,Like the queens in all my books;I expected Royal looks.The crowd were cheering; “Hip hooray!Oh, this is a lovely day!”Mum, excited, “There’s she is!”I…
Aerial View of Crawley July 1951 (CSCMS SG63)
THE CROW I am the crow From my perch on high I see the town below. I’ve watched you Crawley, I’ve seen you grow. From stones to iron and the age old market. The coaching stops, trains and the old racecourse Machines matching my ability to fly The New Town…

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