Old Crawley – Paperback


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By Crawley Schools Museum Project

One hundred and thirty years ago, there were only 1,159 people living in the Crawley area.
Today, there are more than 70000, and most of these people have come here in the last twenty years.
Before the New Town was built, Crawley as we know it today, was just three villages; Ifield, Three Bridges and Crawley.
Up until two years ago, many people thought that Crawley’s past went back about 900 years to the time of William the Conqueror because Ifield was mentioned in the Domesday Book.
Now we know better, for as you will see, man has been living in Crawley for much longer than this. In fact, Crawley was first lived in about ten thousand years ago.
This booklet is in no way a ‘complete’ history of Crawley, for every day we are finding out more about what happened here in the past.
We hope that as you read it, you will want to find out more for yourself about the people who lived here, thousands of years ago.

24 pages. 24 illustrations