Tinpot and Proud: Crawley Town Football Club – Paperback


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Tinpot and Proud by lifelong Crawley Town supporter, Steve Leake, covers important people who have helped establish Crawley Town as a Football League Club, from its conception in 1890, through 115 non-league years to the last twelve as an EFL League club.
Seasons 2021-2023 are also covered in Part 2 through the “Thoughts of a lifelong fan” as previously published in the Crawley Observer and reflect the roller coaster ride of lower league life.

This is the third book written by Steve on his favourite subject outside his family. Looking at the lives of iconic people involved in the ups and downs of the football club he loves; he is keen to keep all things in perspective and, as Eric Idle, he always looks on the bright side of life.
Mark Dunford, Editor, Crawley Observer.

“This wonderfully enlightening book shines the spotlight on the little-known history of Crawley Town FC regaling the reader with a unique insight to the formation of a sports club that would eventually find its way into the Football League. A must read for those interested in how it all began.”
Ivan Noel. Crawley Town fan and provider of book titles