Sparky the Dragon bus – Paperback


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by Sue Wickstead

Sparky isn’t your typical double-decker bus.

Behind the dragon and magical paintings, she’s exciting and full of fun and adventures for all children.

Jump aboard to find out what makes Sparky so special.

The Bewbush Playbus, attended national training rallies from Brighton to Newcastle, with or without the bus.

At these events we were able to meet many other mobile projects, sharing ideas and support.

Some projects, like us, were self-funded and some run by statutory authorities. We were able to represent Crawley and to learn how to develop our services. The Bewbush Playbus helped to host its own Rally in 1992 at The Hawth Theatre Crawley.

It was always fantastic to see all the different painted buses and to see how they were changed inside for the work they undertook.

This story is based on one of the many projects we met on our travels. Sparky the Dragon Bus was a project which worked in Glasgow, Scotland and provided an inclusive play scheme for disabled and able-bodied children.


With a free cardboard cut-out model.

38 pages Colour drawings throughout