Refugee Tales four – Paperback


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Edited by David Herd & Anna Pinkus

Seventy years after the adoption of the 1951 Refugee Convention, the UK is guilty of undermining the very principles of asylum, inhumanely detaining those seeking protection and ushering in sweeping changes that threaten to punish refugees at every turn.

But the UK’s immigration system is not alone in committing such breaches of human rights. The fourth volume of Refugee Tales explores our present international environment, combining author re-tellings with first-hand accounts of individuals who have been detained across the world.

As the coronavirus pandemic defies borders – leaving those who are detained even more vulnerable – this collection shares stories spanning Canada, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, and calls for international insistence on a future without detention.

Featuring: Shami Chakrabarti, Kyon Ferril, Christy Lefteri, Robert Macfarlane, Khodadad Mohammadi, Dina Nayeri, Amy Sackville, Philippe Sands, Rachel Seiffert, Natalia Sierra, Bidisha SK Mamata, Simon Smith & Maurizio Veglio