Mushroom Wife – Hardback

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This book is written from a personal point of view: the inside story of Winterpick Mushrooms, related informally and cheerfully and with the technical details explained in a simple and straightforward manner. In 1947, however, when Hugh Barton was working for a market gardener and first encountered commercial mushroom growing, there was a mystique about the whole business. The story of Winterpick shows clearly how mushroom growing has progressed since the war, with machinery gradually taking the place of hard manual labour, and problems and difficulties – encountered at various times by many growers – being slowly overcome by means of better controls and more elaborate production methods. Joan Barton’s personal account also includes incidents quite unconnected with mushrooms, of course, as well as some amusing anecdotes, and there are two stories specially for children.

Includes references to several areas of Crawley including, Worth, Pease Pottage, Handcross and many others.

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