Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus – Paperback


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by Sue Wickstead

Daisy was a happy red bus who loved travelling the busy streets of London.

When newer and shinier buses came along, the older models like Daisy began to disappear.

Would Daisy become one of the forgotten buses, or was something else planned for her?

In 1987 the real Playbus was given a new lease of life when it was repainted with popular Nursery Rhyme characters for the children to enjoy and sing along.

The work was undertaken by the local bus company, ‘Gatwick Engineering’, who repainted the bus in time for the local carnival.

The Bewbush Playbus was the original bus which worked in the town of Crawley. With its brightly decorated exterior this would attract the attention of the children and get them running along to play and explore inside. It also enabled the project to carry on with its much-needed fund-raising efforts.

The Playbus was a very popular and much-loved venue for a playgroup. In the storybook the bus is given the name of Daisy because of the white daisies on her livery.

The two main characters Philip and Val (Avery), were two of the first playgroup workers on the bus.


With a free cardboard cut-out model.

40 pages Colour drawings throughout