Crawley New Town – Paperback


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By Jeffrey Green and Peter Allen

This photographic portrait of a period at once familiar and remote illustrates the expansion of one of the first of Britain’s post-war New Towns around 10,000 people in 1919 to over 60,000 by 1966. Emphasising the people who have shaped modern Crawley’s character, it offers those who arrived from London in the forties and fifties a glimpse of the small town they inherited, and relives their dreams of a home of one’s own or their joy in finally getting away from over-crowded city streets. The photographs are complemented by the recollections of the pioneer settlers, the men and women who occupied the homes, attended the schools and staffed the first shops and factories. Their vivid memories are the human side of a history which continues to be made and which will delight modern residents.

This fascinating collection offers a trip down memory lane for those who still remember the town when it was new: younger readers will find a great deal that will surprise them.

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Paperback. 160 pages. 258 photographs, drawings and maps