Beyond the Shadows – Paperback


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By Beryl Armstrong (A Crawley author)

Drama, conflict and romance follow the Herrington family as they struggle through the increasingly intense World War II.

Residing in New Zealand, the Herrington family are threatened by the Japanese onslaught throughout the Pacific Ocean. Jack Herrington, captain of a merchant ship, is caught up in the disastrous Pearl Harbour attack and later taken hostage. Luckily he finds a way to escape using the knowledge of his father’s ancient secret – but that’s not the only secret the Herrington family have…

Back home, the theft of two prized, thoroughbred horses triggers consequences far beyond the Herrington family’s imagination.

The Herrington family hoped that the remote sheep station in the unforgiving outback would allow them to finally escape their past, but destiny has its own agenda and history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

311 pages