Zodiac Creature Lanterns

12 Jan 2023 - 25 Mar 2023
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:30-16:00
Free admission, donations welcomed

Crawley Town Centre BID commissioned local artist Jonny Stockbridge, after he came up with the idea of creating 12 Willow and tissue Lanterns with the support of local people. 

The theme he came up with was the 12 days of Christmas to add a festive element. Also he researched all the Zodiac signs and looked at lots of the animals that are associated with each Birth sign. 

Between 3rd – 21st December at the ASK building on Crawley High Street he started to look at each of the Zodiac signs, the different spirit animals connected to each one and then quite spontaneously decide what two or three animals would be merged into that willow lantern. Sometimes the whole form would be influenced such as Virgo with a foxes head and bumble bees body and sometimes just the decoration. For example within the Gemini Lantern. Although the shape is predominantly a peacock, the colouring is actually also incorporating a rain deer and a budgerigar.

 Members of the public, local volunteers and refugees came to learn how to make them and enjoy the process. They were then all exhibited within the Windows of ASK until 6th January 2023. From 12th January 2023 they will be exhibited at the Crawley Museum as part of a Zodiac Creature Trail, where people can hunt them down as they explore the museum. 

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