Colour image of a woman wearing white, pink and blue dress

Skye- Hi everyone. My name’s Skye and I am a Trans woman and I work as a pharmacy manager.
Although I don’t live in Crawley I have grown up in and around the town as it was the closest place to where I live that had things to do. Now that I am older and have found myself I have been lucky enough to become a co-director for Crawley LGBT and organise some amazing events.
I’m ecstatic to have been chosen to be able to take park in the interviews that you will see in the exhibit as it gives me the chance to share my experiences with other people and allows me to share an insight into what it’s like to be trans. When I grew up there were no role models for me to look up to so my main aim is to be seen so that others can look up to me, and I joined Crawley LGBT to be a voice for those that are too scared to.
I love to use my creative talents to spread cheer and a little colour to others, so the team who put this incredible exhibit together gave me the chance to create the butterfly wall display you can see here. The butterflies in the box are free to take so please help yourself.