Crawley’s Collections Revealed – label an object! (1)

As part of our Crawley’s Collections Revealed project (funded by Arts Council England), we’re meant to be running face to face sessions with people, looking at objects and writing labels.

Obviously we can’t do the face to face bit right now, but we can still show you objects and ask you to tell us what you’d put on a label.

It can be something factual, something the object makes you think of or remember, or even a drawing or poem. It’s up to you.

This week’s object is a milk bottle. Apparently R.G. Law was known as ‘The Midnight Milkman’ because of his erratic delivery times!

One of our Facebook followers commented “Just looking at the photos of milk bottles, I can recall the sound of the milk float as it proceeded down the road. The clink of glass as the empties were collected and the daily delivery. The little hand written note for extra pints of other provisions. Friday was payment day and the smell of the milkman’s apron, his leather bag hung around his shoulder with the order book and money. In the winter, the frozen milk stood in the snow on the doorstep, great free food for the birds who pecked the silver foil top to drink the cream off. Strung together chains from the bottle tops were made to hang in the allotment as a bird scarer. Just a few childhood memories.”

Let us know in the comments what you’d put on a label for this object?

Milk bottle

(The writing on the bottle reads: “This bottle and milk is the property of R.G. Law, 16 Brighton Road, Crawley. Stolen if delivered by another dairyman.”)

Crawley’s Collections Revealed

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