Crawley’s Collections Revealed – label an object! (7)

Another object from our collection.

It’s some household soap.

Comments on our social media included:

“Monday is wash day. The day the housewife did the laundry with her bar of Fairy soap.”

“Mum used to shave flakes off the bar to put in the boiler with the washing.”

“These blocks of soap were very good for carving. I remember quite a few green animals.”

How would you label this for our display cabinet?

Rectangular cardbaord packagian. Green and yellow. Text reads: Pure soap with olive oil. Fairy. The mildest household soap. The side states the weight to be 11 and a half ounces or 326 grams, and that the box contains two tablets.

Crawley’s Collections Revealed – label an object!

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Edwin Savage

2 years ago

My grandmother worked at bewbush laundry in 1910, and my mother was born there in the same year.
And I’m trying to find out some history on the place.
Any help would be appreciated.
My grandmother’s name was Ethel Evelyn Sarah Bravery
Kind regards

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