Crawley Workers

As May 1st is International Workers Day, here are some old photographs of people working in Crawley from our collection.

Group of workers in aprons and hats

Richard Cook & Workers

Man and woman standing on the steps of a shop. Sign aobve shop window reads 'F.Hollingdale'

Hollingdales Shoe Shop

Four men wearing caps standing outside a forge building

Steeles Forge, Balcombe Road

Housing building site. Man operating cement mixer in foreground.

Northgate Housing under construction – April 1951

Man in suit leaning over a architectural model of housing

Model of West Green, February 1949

Woman in jacket and skirt weighing a baby

Northgate Clinic

Man on building site turning dials on a machine

Strain Gauge measurement apparatus – August 1950

two people wearing hardhats, one crouching in a trench in the earth.

Broadfield excavators

Three workmen standing on the roof of a factory with other factories in the distance

View of standard factories from roof of A.P.V. – September 1951

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Matthew Bester

4 months ago

The “Model of West Green, February 1949” image. Is there a better quality version, the original on display perhaps? I cannot see St. Peters on there and can’t get my bearings.

Sean Beamish

2 months ago

We are trying to track down pictures of a café that my mother in law used to work in in Crawley. Apparently it was called The Cutty Sark and was part of a bakery run by a Mr Skinner next to the station. We’ve looked all over the internet for any information or photographs. Any help with information would be most appreciated

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