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Woodall-Duckham House At 11 The Boulevard in Crawley the “Platform_” building is a modern condominium of flats which opened in 2016. Mia lives together with her parents Sonya and Allan on the second floor in the West Wing in a nice two-bedroom apartment overlooking the shops on the opposite side…
My brother, sister and I were the third generation of my family to live at Crabbet Park.We lived in a Sussex style cottage at Caxtons on the estate, where my father was Stallion Man for Lady Wentworth. Caxtons Cottages Our lives were ordered by the changing seasons and the care…
Jon G - West Green adventure playground (2)
A Crawley Parody PreludeFree time free land free loveEverything was free It was the season for bicyclesAnd we wanted to raceOn a track with lots of featuresTough, very little grace Someone thought to ask DonBecause he had the toolsImplements borrowed fromThe councils unused pools Donald a real skivvyReady within two…
Queen planting tree, Queen's Square, 1958
WHERE’S THE QUEEN? When I was young I saw the Queen,Opening a building new and clean.I thought she’d be in royal gown,With jewels and sceptre, wearing crown,Like the queens in all my books;I expected Royal looks.The crowd were cheering; “Hip hooray!Oh, this is a lovely day!”Mum, excited, “There’s she is!”I…
CSCMS WG153 CofE School viewed from Victoria Road
West Green C of E School 1824-1955 The school was started for the poor of Crawley and Ifield for eighty boys and forty girls by Sarah Robinson but it very soon had more children as time went on. My mother attended this school from 1905 until leaving in 1912 along…

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